RJTT Columbus

It’s not about influencers or lucky breaks, it’s about the process

Filip, one of my readers, made a great point about my most recent tip on improving cold emails:

Sadly I think most of these cold emails are not even justified. A lot of people seem to be reaching out to influencers, hoping for some lucky break, instead of actually working on building their business.

One could make the case that the sender needs advice, but there are so many books/videos out there which already address probably any challenges one could have. If one truly needs specialized and custom advice, they should fix that problem immediately by finding the right person and paying them for their time like onย clarity.fm, certainly not wasting time spamming people with coffee requests, LOL.
It’s a great reminder that entrepreneurs should be extracting information rather than asking for advice. And that everything — growing your business, raising money for your startup and hiring your team — is a process.

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