2020, man.

I guess that’s what we’re supposed to say. Amirite?

Despite the broader uncertainty, 2020 has been pretty good around our household: We spent more time together, as a family. We did more things, as a family. We’ve made great memories, as a family.

I’ve learned that my kids are even more creative (and funny) than I realized.

I’ve learned that Dana makes everything look easy. (It isn’t, of course.)

I’ve learned that my neighbors are pretty great.

I suppose the truth is that the lockdown forced me to realize just how good I have it right here at home.


I’ll turn 40 in 2021.

The thing about milestone birthdays is that they force introspection.

Am I proud of what I’ve done? Am I doing what I love to do? Am I a good person?

I suppose I have ~90 days to figure it out. Which, coincidentally, is just about the same time you have to figure out what you’ll get me for my birthday. 👀

I spent my 20’s acquiring things. I spent my 30’s acquiring experiences. And, with some luck, I hope to spend my 40’s making memories… with my family.

I’m not quite sure what that looks like just yet but, for a start, I think it means setting aside a week every quarter to do something fun with the family. Maybe it’s a staycation. Maybe it’s a bigger trip. Maybe it’s a full week. Or maybe it’s taking every other Friday off.

The point is that making memories requires active participation.


I realize I should probably say something about my professional life… but I’ll save that for another day. For now, I’ll just say that it’s going really well. And that I’m thankful to be doing work that feels like play.

More often than not, I find my thoughts wandering back to this: Eva’s turning seven next month. Henry’s almost two. Baby #3 will be here in less than sixty days.

Am I a good husband? Am I a good father? Am I doing enough?

I sure hope so. I guess we’ll see.

2020 has been a unexpectedly wonderful year for us. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings… 👋🏻

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