You need (more) Transactions

Transactions are the lifeblood of every company.

“But Paul,” you’re thinking, “everyone knows this.” Stick with me.

The most common reason companies die is lack of sales. (The second most common reason, if you must know, is running out of money.)

I’ve seen it happen thousands of times over the years… to even the smartest and most capable founders I’ve ever met.

The problem is simple: it’s easy to take your eye off the ball.

As I built my latest company over the past few years, I noticed how easy it was for me to get distracted too. So I built a Chrome extension for myself that would show my transaction and revenue data in every new tab I opened.

It’s kept me focused for the past few years. And then, one day, a friend of mine happened to see it.

“Paul, I want this,” she said. And here we are.

Get the Chrome Extension

Introducing North Star

North Star is the simplest way to focus on what matters most to your e-commerce growth: transactions, conversion rate, average order value and revenue.

It’s 100% free. (I have no interest in charging money for stuff that should be free. Ever.)

It’s 100% secure. (Your data belongs to you. And Google, obvi.)

It’s 100% simple. (Because building a business is hard enough.)

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Install the Chrome extension.
  2. Open a new tab and follow the instructions to connect your Google Analytics account.
  3. Get back to building your business. Your e-commerce data will be front and center every time you open a new tab.
Get the Chrome Extension

If you’re interested in seeing the details, here’s our Privacy Policy & TOS. (TLDR: your data belongs to you, we don’t sell any data to anyone. Ever.)