Fundraising for Startups

How to raise money for your startup?

I’ve heard thousands of pitches and invested in the best of them. Now I want to share the best tips with you.
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What’s in the Course?

I’ve compiled the best fundraising strategies and tactics over the past few years and I’ve broken them down into easy to digest emails that you’ll receive once a day for the next few days. There’s no fluff or BS, just tactical things you can apply to your own fundraising strategy immediately.


Finding the right Investors

Having the right investors can make all the difference for your startup. Learn how and where to meet the right investors for your startup.


Creating a killer pitch deck

Learn how to create a high-impact pitch that gets (and keeps) an investors attentions and gets them excited.


Pulling your round together.

Only two things make a round come together: fear of missing out and greed. Learn how to create that environment around your company.


Closing a great deal.

Not all capital is good capital. Learn how to raise money on terms that’ll be good for your startup and your investors.


Few words from PAUL SINGH

I hate to break it to you: raising money for your startup is always hard.

It’s even harder when you’re not surrounded by hoards of angel investors that are dying to dump money into anything with a hot domain name.
The reality, however, is that raising your first round is hard in the short term but it’ll be the easiest money you ever raise in the long term.

For the last decade, I’ve listened to thousands of pitches and invested in hundreds of startups all around the world. These days, I’m driving around in a custom Airstream travel trailer and spending a week at a time in various North American cities doing even more of the same thing.

Here’s the thing:
I hate to see smart entrepreneurs making rookie mistakes when meeting investors.

These days, I’m making it a point to write down all the things I’ve shared with founders during my travels. (No, I’m not that noble or nice’ I’m just tired of saying the same damn thing over and over.)

Over the next few days, I’m going to hit you with one email a day. No more, no less.
In each email, I’m going to give you insights on pitch decks, investor meetings and everything else you need to know if you plan to raise money for your startup.


Founder of Results Junkies

Few Companies I’ve Funded

  • Fitocracy
  • Lettuse
  • Social Tables
  • ChalKable
  • Cucumbertown
  • Datarank
  • Everpix
  • Fast Customer
  • Gaze Matrix
  • Heyo
  • LaunchBit
  • LaunchGram
  • Manifest
  • WillCall
  • SendHub
  • Launchrock
  • Brightnest
  • ZipDial
  • Leacky
  • Contactually

Testimonials from Founders

Simply an unbelievable guy. Sharp, knowledgable, and always willing to provide advice. He works his ass off and always has your best interest in mind. Paul tells you like it is and is always willing to help navigate through big decisions with you.
Founder & CEO of COMPANY


Paul was our first outside investor. He had done his background work and without wasting time got into the things that mattered around the investment and the accelerator program. He is sharp in his insights and always has a balanced point of view.
Founder of COMPANY


Paul is a SUPER down to earth guy, which is amazing given all that he’s accomplished. Really excited to have him be a part of what we’re doing!
Founder of COMPANY


Paul is a fellow entrepreneur and is well versed in the hustle it takes to succeed. You want him on your side.
Founder of COMPANY

Pay By Group

Everybody likes Paul. He’s one of the scrappiest, most entrepreneurial VC’s I know.
Founder of COMPANY


Paul is super sharp & full of good advice. We’ve been very grateful for his help.
Founder of COMPANY


Relentlessly focuses on metrics that matter. Great, value driven network, always has a pulse on the ecosystem.
Founder of COMPANY

Jetpack Workflow

Paul is exceptional. He is smart, cares greatly, and has superb follow through. Paul is truly helpful to his startups!
Advisor of COMPANY


Paul’s great. He works hard on our behalf, is sharp about marketing and product, and is a good guy on top of it all. Like.
Founder of COMPANY