TL;DR: Dana’s the brains, Paul’s the beauty.

Paul: I’m a dad, entrepreneur (Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer of Bump Health), speaker, investor, Airstreamer, wannabe woodworker and aspiring competitive shooter. Curating Pew Pew Training on the side. Previously: Managing Director @1776, Founder @disruptioncorp (acq by @1776), Partner @500Startups, EIR at USCIS / DHS. Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, AngelListFacebookInstagram or just say hi.

Dana: I’m a consultant to code schools and lover of wine, travel & our pup, Jack. Previously: Serial entrepreneur, Director of Alumni @TheIronYard , @1776 & Head Special Projects @disruptioncorp. Find me on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or just say hi.

You can usually find us at home in the Washington, DC area or an Interstate near you (or sometimes 35,000 feet).