Venture capital is in the midst of an overwhelming buy-and-hold paralysis.

Happy Friday.
I read (and tweet) a lot. This week, 124,000+ of you told me which of the reads were the most interesting (and reminded me that most of my tweets are terrible) — here are the top ten:

1. “Venture capital is in the midst of an overwhelming buy-and-hold paralysis.” [Link] [Tweet]

2. $18 Billion. In Profit. In One Quarter. [Link] [Tweet]

3. “76% of all venture capital funding of seed accelerators go to graduates of just five accelerator programs.” [Link] [Tweet]

4. “As the investor you need to recognize who is taking the real risk here and treat them with commensurate RESPECT.” [Link] [Tweet]

5. “I believe, in the best businesses, founder time is worth $10K in equity value per hour.” [Link] [Tweet]

6. “I have learned that timing is probably one of the most undervalued factors for success in tech ventures.” [Link] [Tweet]

7. “Inexperienced VCs get caught in the pre-money vs. post-money trap.” [Link] [Tweet]

8. “I find that almost all startups look much worse beneath the surface than they first appear.” [Link] [Tweet]

9. “Building great companies is hard to do and it takes a really, really long time. Don’t rush.” [Link] [Tweet]

10. “Musk wasn’t enjoying the drama of the scene, finally was like, ‘PAUSE THE MOVIE QUICKLY PAUSE IT PAUSE IT.'” [Link] [Tweet]

Have a great weekend!