This week’s Brain Trust guest: Mesh Lakhani


You should have already received a calendar invitation from me for this Friday’s call — it’s at 2p ET and we’ll use Zoom for this one. (If you haven’t used Zoom before, please sign in about 10 minutes early to download/install the free software. For those of you dialing in, those details are in the calendar invite.) If you didn’t get the calendar invitation, hit reply and let me know.

More importantly, this week’s guest is Mesh Lakhani (AngelList & Twitter) — he’s a friend, an investor (in companies and funds) and is the founder of Future Investor. We’re going to have a frank discussion about anything you want. Seriously, pretty much everything is fair game and it’s only for the Brain Trust. (e.g., “Why did you invest in that fund?”, “What made you invest in XXXXX?”, “What happened to your man bun?”)

If you have specific questions, you’ll be able to ask them directly via video. Bonus points if you hit ‘reply’ on this email and send your questions to me so I can get Mesh thinking about this stuff sooner rather than later.

See you Friday!


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