Four Things Every Tech Hub Needs

  1. Work space. This could be in the form of a coworking space, an accelerator or an incubator – it doesn’t really matter as long as local entrepreneurs have a place to work and meet that isn’t their couch or their local coffee shop. Bonus points if it’s run by someone that knows how to build a sense of community.
  2. Event space. Every industry has groups that meet up on a regular basis, tech-enabled companies are no different. There are bound to be web design, marketing, and similar groups that will form. They might be small at first but they’ll need a place to meet.
  3. Code School. As local companies grow, hiring becomes a challenge. At first, local companies will turn to hiring remote employees and/or moving candidates from elsewhere to their HQ. Over time, it’s important for communities to develop their own local talent too – particularly adults that might not have the time or interest in going back to college to learn technology skills.
  4. Capital. Whether it’s through venture capital firms, angel groups, local banks or some other source – money’s important, especially for companies that find themselves limited by their existing cash flow.