Small Steps Lead To Big Results

A body builder doesn’t lift weights 100,000 times in one workout to get huge, they’ll break it up into a couple of workouts per week over the course of years. Consistently taking small steps forward is the most fundamental rule to success. Whether it be in personal finance, self improvement or weight lifting.Over the years, I’ve made a number of small steps (including learning to have firmer handshake, wearing collared shirts more often, slowing down when I speak and smiling a bit more often). I’ve recognized that each, on it’s own, isn’t enough to change my life for the better but I have learned that the sum of all these new skills is much greater than the whole. The result: I’ve met many new people and experienced things that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

My friend Ramit told me a story about how he’d been consistently turned down for scholarships back in college. When he made the effort to start smiling more often during the interviews, he immediately saw positive results (and was able to land a few scholarships in no time).

Small gains in the things you deem important, consistently and over a long period of time, are the cornerstone of what will get you ahead.

What small steps can you start taking today? If you’re unsure, email me – I’d be happy to brainstorm a few ideas with you.