Skip the Quarter Life Crisis: 5 Tips on Finding Your Second Job

*This is a guest post by Aman Bagga, a single 20-something located in Cleveland, OH.*Okay, so you’ve been out of college for a few years and you’ve realized your first job isn’t exactly what you expected (see: making spreadsheets). Don’t worry! Before you hit the quarter life crisis, you can follow a few simple steps to make sure you get yourself back on track.

  1. Have a Plan. Alright, this sounds really simple.* It is.* The hardest part is finding the motivation to put it on paper. Start by putting together a simple timeline – all you need is two dates:
    1. When are you going to leave your current job?
    2. When do you plan to start your new job?
  2. **Narrow Your Focus. **Hopefully in your first job, you had the opportunity to experience new things, build on your strengths and find things that interest you. Instead of applying for every job out there, be picky. Find and pursue roles that excite you. If you want to get into Finance but you were a Medieval History major – give it a shot. Your experience, talent and confidence will speak volumes about you.
  3. **Call Your Friends. **Wait, what? Just like you, your friends have been out there busting their butts for the past few years. You might have friends in different fields and companies all over the world. Your network is much bigger than you think. Network with the people that know you best and those that can sell your strengths!
  4. Don’t Forget the Internet. I know and all its derivatives can be cumbersome to use and hit-or-miss. But you never know where opportunity is hiding. Put your brand new resume out there and see who bites. I know from experience that some of the best opportunities can fall into your lap from where you least expect it.
  5. Don’t be Afraid. You’re smart, young, talented and ambitious. You’ve probably thought of a million reasons why you shouldn’t quit and how it will lead to disastrous results. It won’t. If you think you can’t find something – you will. You might think the getting rejected is the worst thing that can happen to you, but it’s not. It’s far worse to accept fate and stagnate at a young age. This period in your career is a time to learn new things, develop yourself and find what really motivates you. Find the right opportunity and take it!

Now, about that girlfriend that wants to get married… maybe next time.