Sales emails: two changes that get 250% conversions

It’s super simple:

  1. Keep it short, especially the first time you email someone. No one enjoys walls of text. Ever.
  2. Always make the benefits clear within the first two sentences. This applies to the first email you send someone — and the hundredth email you send that same person. Don’t introduce yourself. Don’t waste a paragraph re-explaining that thing you talked about on the phone. Just get to the benefits. If it benefits the reader, they’ll respond.

Emailing an investor? Start with your traction. (“We have X customers and we’re growing Y% week over week.”)

Emailing a prospect? Start with the quantifiable benefits. (“We helped [XXX] get a 88% increase in leads when they used us.”)

If you find yourself sending your investors and your prospects (and even your friends) emails “bumping” something back to the top of the inbox, it’s your fault for not winning their attention. Rewrite the subject line, email and call to action instead of sending more awful emails.

That’s it. Really simple. No brainpower required.

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