Review: Amazon Echo (and the challenge of using it inside a RV)

I picked up an Amazon Echo earlier this month. If you haven’t heard of it, think of it as a badass bluetooth speaker that happens to be smart enough to listen for your voice. It can do everything from play music, read you the news, take down your grocery list, order things for you and it connects to a bunch of external services (think: Uber, weather and anything else you currently use on the web).

If I’m being completely honest, I like itΒ but I don’t think I’m using enough of it to love it.

These days, I mostly use it to listen to the morning news (“Alexa, tell me what’s new”) and music (“Alexa, play something good from Spotify”). Again, I know there’s a ton of stuff it can do but I just haven’t gotten around to setting it all up.

All that being said, I definitely recommend it. Even if you don’t use all the voice assistant features, you’re getting a pretty solid bluetooth speaker for the price.

While we’re talking about the voice assistant, it’s important to understand that the Echo is always listening for “Alexa.” The catch is that it was designed, I think, for use in a home or some other place with solid walls that reflect voices.

Inside your RV, you’ll find that you need to place the Echo at least 6″ (or more) away from any wall if you want it to hear your voice a bit better. Especially if your HVAC is running.

Just get an Echo. You can always return it if you don’t like it. πŸ™‚

P.S. I assume I don’t need to tell you that some sort of wifi in your RV is required.