Midwestern community leaders need to think bigger.

It’s not just the founders that are thinking small, it’s the community leaders too — especially around the Midwest.

It’s the same everywhere we go:

The local entrepreneurs are just trying to build their businesses. The local elected officials are trying to figure out what tech companies actually do. The local community leaders are trying to figure out how to get things organized — and how to pay for it all.

Here’s the thing: no one’s ever a big deal in their hometown, especially community leaders.

If you really want to make a difference in your hometown, start thinking about how to build a network across the entire Midwestern startup scene. Let everyone else play the local game.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a non-profit for the tech community, own a coworking space or run an accelerator, focus on meeting your peers in other cities.

Get on stage, make introductions, add value wherever you can — especially outside your home town. Build a inter-city network across the Midwest because that’s what’s missing.

Not only will you build a bigger brand for yourself and help countless entrepreneurs along the way but you’ll likely end up making a bigger impact in your hometown in the process. Win-win-win.