Growth is the only common language between entrepreneurs and everyone else

One of the many other things I’ve learned over the past 18 months is that when you put entrepreneurs, investors and anyone else around a single table something weird happens: they’re all kind of talking about the same thing but in a slightly different language.

Entrepreneurs are excited about their product. Investors are excited about the possibility of financial returns. Community leaders are excited by the prospect of new job creation.

But then, often, nothing happens. All the excitement leads to no action — and, usually, disappointment from more than a few people.

It seems to me that growth is the only common language between all these different groups.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, lead with traction whenever you describe your company. Control your narrative.

If you’re an investor, focus your conversation on the growth — or the growth assumptions — of the company. (ie, “OK, you said you had three customers last week. Who are those customers, how many more exist like them and how much will it cost to reach them?”)

If you’re a community leader, share the company’s story as a function of growth rather than a function of passion or some other intangible thing. (ie, “They help bricklayers get X more leads per week.”)

Ultimately, growth is something everyone can rally around regardless of which side of the table you’re sitting on.

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