Behind the scenes across the Midwest.

I’ll write a full recap of the 2016 tour but, since it’s my first week¬†back in¬†DC after spending the last few months¬†almost entirely in transit, I’m trying to keep my head down as I dig out of the backlog of emails, deals and naps.

Instead, I want to share the time¬†we spent on the ground in Wichita, KS last week. It was our 41st stop of the year and, as we’ve seen everywhere else, there’s a thriving entrepreneurial community present and a number of smart hustlers leading the charge.

Add that to the list of challenges for Midwestern startups: they’re all doing great things locally but the only way to find out about it is to go there.

We’re going to experiment with video quite a bit more through 2017 and I hope you’ll join me on the ground in at least a few of the cities.