What to buy when moving into a RV

Dana and I moved into our Airstream a few days ago and it’s already obvious that we bought a few things that we’re never going to use. That’s normal, right?

Stuff to buy when you move into an RV

Here’s the rub: RV’s are small andĀ there’s no room for useless things. When in doubt, throw it away (or donate it). If you’re reading this post, I’m hopeful that I’ll save you at least $200 when I tell you what we didn’t actually need.

OK, so first,Ā here’s the entireĀ order I put in just before our Airstream arrived:

A few of our 'must haves'
A few of our ‘must haves’

For Dana and I, the entire coffee setup was overkill. Don’t get me wrong: we love coffee. The real issue is that fresh water in a RV is always at a premium. When you’re using a Chemex (and all the stuff necessary with it), you end up with a mess that requires a bit of water to clean up.

Save yourself some money (and some fresh water). Enjoy the rest.