Understanding human behavior, LPs and the unrest in France.

Happy Friday.
I read (and tweet) a lot. This week, 125,000+ of you told me which of the reads were the most interesting (and reminded me that most of my tweets are terrible) — here are the top ten:

1. “Three simple rules will explain 99% of human behavior.” [Link] [Tweet]

2. “no great companies are born trying to become billion dollar companies.” [Link] [Tweet]

3. “I try my best to discourage them; I always emphasize the risks and downsides of angel investing.” [Link] [Tweet] (I’ve always wondered: given the incredible ratings/popularity of shows like Shark Tank, how long until they’re required to put “do not try this at home” disclaimers to the broadcasts?)

4. “I find that almost all startups look much worse beneath the surface than they first appear.” [Link] [Tweet]

5. “There is a huge opp for the smaller, more affordable, more family-friendly places to take up the cause of startups.” [Link] [Tweet] (Yes. Yes. Yes. Given that there are now 1,500+ self-identified incubators/accelerators listed on AngelList, I’d bet that there’s an opportunity for smart cities outside of SF/NYC to pull these post-accelerator / pre-A companies to their own city.)

6. “Opening is easier than closing.” [Link] [Tweet]

7. “There are institutional and structural barriers to innovation in Europe.” [Link] [Tweet] (The backlash against Uber and AirBnB in France this week is a sobering reminder that it can be tough to build companies in other countries and cultures.)

8. “We are drowning in folks.” [Link] [Tweet] (Filed under “Things I Should Say If I Ever Run For Office.”)

9. “How we believe others see us shapes who we are.” [Link] [Tweet]

10. “The people who manage that money are driven by very different thinking than your average Wall Street investor.” [Link] [Tweet] (If more founders understood the economics of venture funds, I’d bet their pitches would instantly improve. LPs are the “invisible hand” of the private market.)

Where you at?
I’m always looking for more speaking opportunities, hit reply and let me know if there’s something happening in your neck of the woods. (I spoke at AngelSummit in Madrid last week… beautiful city and incredibly smart people, despite my jet lag.)

Have a great weekend!