The inappropriate attention to detail, the hard truth and how to become rare and valuable.

Happy Saturday.

I wrapped up a fantastic week in Tulsa yesterday, more details on that soon. I’m in Guymon, OK tonight and en route to Taos, NM tomorrow. If you’re on Snapchat, add me — my username is resultsjunkies. I’m posting the unedited version of the tech tour, maybe you’ll find it interesting.  

1. “most of the things we’ve funded are mostly crap and largely worthless.” [Link] [Tweet]

Ignore the clickbait headline and pay attention to the rest of the article. There’s a reason why Chamath’s been so successful.

2. “The hard truth is: Trump only cares about Trump.” [Link] [Tweet]

This is a fascinating read from one of Trump’s defectors, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more media coverage though. Why is that?

3. “VC is crap for most startups.” [Link] [Tweet]

Having met 20+ companies in 1:1 office hours in Tulsa last week, it seems that the lack of early stage venture capital forced a number of companies to bootstrap their ways to $1M+ in ARR. That’s pretty cool.

4. “Don’t finalize the logo before you come up with a business plan that works.” [Link] [Tweet]

My favorite line: “Hiding takes many forms. Inappropriate attention to detail is a big one, because it feels like a responsible thing to do.”

5. “You have a bigger opportunity than ever before to build a long-lasting, fundamentally important tech company.” [Link] [Tweet]

Remember when you used to buy business books to get advice like this?

6. “Every company will be a tech company — or it won’t be around.” [Link] [Tweet]

This: “The people who have problems that we need to solve do not live in San Francisco and New York — they live in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Charleston, San Antonio, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham and Birmingham.” (Ahem, tech tour anyone?)

7. “you don’t start at rare and valuable, you start at answering every email.” [Link] [Tweet]

There’s no shortcut for experience. In our parents’ generation, that experience was a function of the number of years you’d been around a particular industry. Today, your experience is a function of the number of things you’ve tried.

8. “Many startup businesses – tech or otherwise – fail.” [Link] [Tweet]

The default state of your company is failure and you, the founders, are the only ones that can turn it around. Read this and avoid making common mistakes.

9. “There’s a strategy behind the economies of scale that can be created through larger co-working environments.” [Link] [Tweet]

Why are people surprised by this? If you’re a landlord / real estate professional, coworking spaces represent an entirely new product for your buildings. Without coworking spaces, today’s tech-enabled workers would likely never step foot in your building until they needed a larger space… which they might never need at all.

10. “Our phones are also diaries, confessional booths, repositories for our deepest secrets.” [Link] [Tweet]

Our phones are the future to our individualized healthcare: “All my life, my doctors tended to be vague, making my bodily functions seem ultramysterious, when in fact they are just individualized, and easily understood with the assistance of software.”


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