Perfection is the enemy of good enough

I am constantly aware of people unhappy about certain aspects of their business. Some are understaffed and overwhelmed with the sheer number of things they need to do. Others go on and on about how the economy sucks, customers are harder to find or that they simply can’t find good people to work with. But – and this is a big “but” – they never actually get started. Chances are, you know people like this too.The fact of the matter is that if you never actually get started, you’ll never actually finish. Whoa–I bet you’ve never heard this one before.

Don’t waste time making things perfect — follow best practices and move on. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to do something, anything, rather than sitting around and waiting longer. Follow best practices, then move on.

Build momentum by accumulating small successes. That first thing you do – from start to finish – serves as a model for you to do subsequent things. From there, repetition breeds ease: **

Do one new thing, do millions more.