Free targets and drills to use at your indoor range.

At some point, paying a couple of bucks for basic circles or random zombie targets gets old. I know it did for me.

I’m not a competitive shooter, by any means, but I do want to train to a higher standard. And I want the ability to do it anywhere my work travel takes me. I use a Pact Club Timer 3 for par times and have managed to dial down the sensitivity enough to be able to use it properly at my own indoor range.

I started out by using T.Rex Arms’ Training Aids but wanted a more general target that I could use with a variety of different drills. So I made my own.

Oh, and before you ask, I originally added the QR code so I could quickly AirPrint these from my phone if I needed more before a range trip. Maybe you’ll find that to be useful too.

Here’s the generic target:

Pistol Training Target

The center rectangle is roughly the size of an IPSC target. If you’re trying to change things up, you can place two of these side by side. Staple a 3″x5″ index card just above this sheet to make things tougher.

And the drills (including par times) I currently use:

Pistol Training Drills

To be completely transparent, I have no idea of my “standards” are good enough for you. What I do know is that not having a time-based goal makes it tough to judge whether you’re improving. TLDR: the clock doesn’t lie.

Other resources:

If you’ve found other free drills and standards to be useful, please email me and I’ll post them here.