If it’s popular, it’s wrong

Everyone wants to “do” a startup. Few want to build a business.

Everyone talks about Silicon Valley. Few want to build their own community.

Everyone talks about making some money on the side. Few want to find an hour in their day to get started.

This is true of fitness, friendships and almost every other aspect of our lives.

It’s easier to talk about doing something than actually putting in the work to make it happen.

In my case, it’s popular¬†thinking that I should be spending all my time in Silicon Valley and hanging out with people that are already working on the next thing.¬†When I think about it, that would probably be the easier thing to do.

Instead, I choose to drive to smaller cities and live there for a week at a time. I choose to meet as many entrepreneurs and community leaders as I can. I choose to do these things because no one else does them regularly. And that’s why it’s important.