Getting Past “The Wall”

The most common phrase I hear from entrepreneurs is, “Get me to the next level.” Within a few minutes of chatting with them, it’s usually very obvious that they have a very real feeling of being stuck.What “the next level” actually is varies depending on who you talk to but the good news is many of the factors that block reaching it are surprisingly the same. In almost every case I’ve seen, the elements that had fueled your earlier growth have run out or been forgotten.** You hit a wall.** **

There are no “magic bullets”

You need three things to keep your momentum going:

  1. A system geared up for the next level. Take a good, hard look at yourself today — are there manual processes or other tasks that can be automated, delegated or even ditched altogether? From Chapter 8 of 4HWW: Refine rules and processes before adding people. Using people to leverage a refined process multiplies production; using people as a solution to a poor process multiplies problems.
  2. Clear, specific and measurable goals. You need to put your goals in writing and systematically review your actions to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. (Download this worksheet to help you define your goals and track your progress: [download#2#nohits])
  3. Relentless execution. Getting ahead doesn’t happen by accident — it takes hard work to get there. Accept this fact and simply move on.

Combine these three things and you’ve got everything you need to keep moving to the next level. Just remember, getting ahead is a marathon not a sprint.