Email. Email. Email. And startup pitches.

Everything worth doing starts small

A surprisingly high number of people walk into office hours with us and immediately jump into the how much money they could make, the size of their markets or the impact they’ll have on the world.

They underestimate the importance of getting to $1,000 in customer revenue first and overestimate the importance of their big vision.

Trying to convince them to slow down and start small is, surprisingly, much harder than you’d think. Maybe that’s because the local investors are often coaching them to think big. Or maybe it’s because the entrepreneurs are just so ambitious. Who knows.

If you want to convince people of ideas, start small.

If you want to build a business, start small.

If you want to change the world, start small.


If you’re planning to raise money for your company, check out fundraising for startups. It’s the tactical advice I give to every entrepreneur I meet.

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