RJ Tech Tour Big Bend National Park

Can I park my Airstream in your tech community? (I’m serious.)

We visited 94 startup communities across the US and Canada over the past few years. Ninety four. 

It all started with an email that I fired off to this list in 2015 without much thought. I hadn’t even bought the Airstream yet.

And, before I knew it, we spent the next two years driving over 100,000 miles and meeting over 50,000 people at our events across the country. People even started making short videos of our visits.

The whole thing was surreal… but fun. And interesting. And exciting. And amazing. And that’s why we’re doing it again in 2018.

The ask is pretty simple: fill out this form and let’s hop on a call to brainstorm our visit. We’ll bring a couple of other investors and entrepreneurs to your tech community. And we’ll create 3-4 days of office hours, workshops and keynotes too. And, in the process, we’ll all have fun while we work towards helping your entrepreneurial community get to the next level.