Bad news: I’m cancelling (and refunding) the Brain Trust


I’m sorry for the radio silence lately. These past few weeks have gotten away from me personally and professionally.

The Brain Trust was an experiment to see whether you’d find value in joining a live video call with other experts. In that way, it was a success. The problem is that I’m stretched a bit too thin (and, admittedly, a little too disorganized) to make this happen on a weekly basis.

I’m going to refund your last payments (you should see those hit your cards in 2-3 business days usually) and I’m going to try spending more time in the Slackcommunity. I hope you will too.

Thanks for jumping into the Brain Trust with me — I’m sorry I let you down.


P.S. if you have smart friends / coworkers / peers that should be part of the community please send this link to them:

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