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Ambition, talent and (the lack of) cash

Ambition and talent seems to be equally distributed around North America — and the world. That becomes more and more clear in each new town or city we visit each week.

What’s not equally distributed around the country is access to cash. Some of that is because most investors don’t travel. Maybe some of that will be fixed with the new AngelList Funds (though, I’m not holding my breath, the AngelList Syndicates should have helped with some of this but they’ve proven to be anything but predictable from a lead’s perspective — especially if you’re investing outside of Silicon Valley).

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to match your ambition to the amount of cash that’s readily available to you. you've got to match your ambition to the amount of cash that's readily available to you. Share on X

Bootstrap, if you can. Raise money if you must but skip the local investors (first).


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