A (free) email course on public speaking
for founders and entrepreneurs

“I spoke on stage once. It was awful and I won’t do it again.”

“I know I should start speaking publicly, I just don’t know where to start.”

On a crowded internet, the best UX/UI usually wins. In a crowded world, the best communicators usually win. I want to help you win.

Notability > Credibility

Five years ago, I was a new (and young) VC with no brand, no history and no public speaking skills. I forced myself to get one one public stage somewhere on the planet each month and, despite my many embarrassing mistakes, I systematically improved my public speaking skills.

Since then, I’ve spoken to small audiences in rural Mexico, large multi-thousand person audiences in India and even did a commencement speech for a major U.S. university. It turns out, public speaking is a learned skill and one of the lowest-effort-highest-ROI skills anyone can have. Anyone can do it and, frankly, I wish I started 10 years ago.

I want to share what I’ve learned and spare you all the embarrassing mistakes I’ve made through the years so you don’t have to spend five years figuring it out yourself.

Advice on public speaking just isn’t useful.
People will tell you vague things like “just do it” or “imagine the audience is naked” but none of that is helpful. After all, the goal isn’t to get on stage — it’s to share your knowledge, educate (and entertain) an audience and build your own credibility.

Here’s the thing: vague advice won’t help you. I’ll show you the specifics of how I do it and give you everything you need to do it yourself.


This is a free 5-week course, delivered via email every Tuesday, that teaches you how to organize your first talk, avoid common mistakes and systematically improve your public speaking. The course is specifically designed for entrepreneurially-minded people like you.

* Part 1: What to speak about (and why it doesn’t matter)
* Part 2: Getting your first talk together (and saving yourself headaches)
* Part 3: Killing it with your first talk
* Part 4: Learning how to tweak and iterate your talks
* Part 5: Booking yourself solid (and how to get organizers to pay for you)

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